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About TVW Group

You must complete this short survey to participate in the "Ubuntu In The Clouds Revolution"

We are a small boutique IT company nestled in the Chicagoland area. We are targeting the computer savvy consumer and small businesses as the primary user of our Virtual Cloud Computing Solution.

First and foremost we want our name to be synonymous with “Good Corporate Citizen”.

We are currently seeking venture capital funding to be able to provide our solution to a wider audience. The survey will serve as evidence of the market for those that could benefit from an alternate desktop computing experience. We will send you updated timelines as to when we will start the beta phase of our project.

As a result of your participation in the survey, we are attempting to secure for you 1 free hour of computer technical support. We are also seeking to secure for you 1 hour of free Wi-Fi at the nations airports and hotels, during those times when business just cannot wait.

We are seeking to partner with the Marriott hotel chain to provide you with an enhanced in-room computing experience.

We will attempt to provide you sources of other technical services that will appeal to your inner geek. We will send an email newsletter advising you of news that is hot off the press as it relates to our pending start-up operations.

You will be the first to see job postings from our company, and we are working with our partners so that we can post their job openings as well. Currently on our site you will find five (6) job postings that we expect to fill within the next several months. If you know someone who would like to work in the Chicagoland area for one of the hottest start-up tech companies, direct them to our web site ( and send an e-mail to

For those of you who want to start your own business, we will provide invaluable insight to resources that will help you jump start your business. Our goal is for those in our virtual on-line community to work smarter and not harder.

Good Corporate Citizen: Giving back to the community by educating our youth

As I stated at the top of this page, we plan to give back to the youth starting in Chicago and want to spread this model to other cities as we expand our physical operations outside of the Midwest.

In the Chicagoland area, we plan on going to high schools and holding tech seminars and workshops to provide a hands on experience to the computer technology that is crucial to the vitality of the IT industry.

Our vision is to open up a computer technology summer camp that provides additional support for the training of the youth through the year. These experiences may be the edge for securing IT internships at major corporations.

Community Service Hours Needed?

Does your child need community service hours for school? We at TVW group can use them as a part of our marketing team or in our financial analysis group. Send us an e-mail at

Good Corporate Citizen: Giving back to the community by educating our small business owners

For the aspiring entrepreneurs check out Monday Morning Meeting

If you have a solid business plan and a great offering, I would suggest checking out "The Monday Morning Meetings" and watch as start-up business go before an audience of tech savvy investors and present their business solutions. Once you have attended a few of these sessions, you will be armed with the knowledge on how to present your solution for Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors.

I will share with you tools, links and resources that I have come to value as a business owner. Maybe you will see the same value in these resources and make use of them. Whatever you do, give back by sharing your knowledge.

In the coming weeks, I will share with you tips on building a solid business plan (based on my personal experiences).

With your continued support, during the beta testing phase and as a potential customer we can make these things and many other revolutionary things possible. We will go beyond the call of duty for our potential customers. Through your continued support we expect to be the first to bring you cutting edge technologies each and every month.

What other company provides you with regular updates as to it's progress and has such a strong commitment to the youth and small businesses?

Support us at

Vince Stewart
42 Aegina Dr
Tinley Park, IL 60477

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