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Beta Test

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By using the links below, you assume all responsibility for all of your computer related issues that result from connecting to our "Virtual Machines". This site is currently set up to test cutting edge technologies. If you are unwilling to resolve your own issues you should not use our technologies. This technology is best used over a cable modem network. Our solution is usable over a DSL connection but the experience of computing in the cloud may be painful.

This site is not intended for novice users!

Please note this particular beta test is not a performance test but rather a test of functionality. We may opt to move out test into a data center where bandwidth is not a issue, but that decision is dependent on many other business decisions. Under the current circumstances our lab connectivity should be sufficient to beta test functionality of our cloud computing solution.

During this beta test period, we do not gurantee 100% uptime and there will be daily Moves, Additions and Changes (MAC) so there may be outages. Our goal is for planned outages to occur after mid-night until 6:00 AM. Any data that you store on our "Virtual Machines" is stored at your own risk. TVW Group is not responsible for any data loss as a result of "Virtual Machine" issues during the beta period.

We will provide a PowerPoint document on the blog that outlines the small install and login process required to connect to your Virtual Machine.

Connecting to your Virtual Machine.

Ultimately there will be three platforms which can be used to connect to our Virtual Machines.

(Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X)

Below are the Links for Windows XP and Linux

Ubuntu for Windows Users

In order for Windows users to successfully connect to your Virtual Machine you will need the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software installed. In many versions of Windows XP this software is installed by default. In some versions of Windows XP, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software is not installed by default.

Ubuntu for Linux Users


Ubuntu for Mac OS X Users

In many Distro's of Linux, the Remote Desktop Connection is installed as a default.

In the next few weeks, we may provide an e-mail account to use for feedback. Once all of the back-office operations have been streamlined we may then opt to respond regularly to e-mails.

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