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My Vision for the Day of Launch

After our expected three (3) month beta test, we will launch our services to a larger audience. Day of launch, you will log intoa brand new web site with our fresh new domain name. On our site, you will have a unique place upon which you will be able to customize, bringing you the technology content based on your requirements, see technology news that is relevant to you based on your preferences. We will call this place your "personalized dashboard". From your dashboard you can do anything from check the health of our networks to research new technologies based on preferences you specify in your dashboard settings. We also plan to direct you to tech support services for your virtual and physical computing needs.

In our Linux, Windows and Mac corner, we will keep you updated on the score of the latest operating system news.
I will lead you to the water, but you have to decide to drink it.

The hottest linux news!!! (January - March 2009): My Favorites

The Best Link of 2009 - Lenovo. Ad.
Lenovo opening the door for Ubuntu ThinkPads?
Ubuntu tops desktop, server Linux enthusiast poll
Cloud Computing on Linux Has Microsoft Blogging
I've Seen the Future of Computing: It's a Screen
Shuttleworth: Windows 7 Is Yet Another Opportunity for Linux
7 reasons why Windows 7 will not wreck Ubuntu
10 ways to help users transition to Linux
Windows 7 as "Linux killer"? How times have changed!
HP releases custom Netbook version of Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu will target cloud computing with October release
Ubuntu: Karmic Koala to make cloud 'dance'
'Jaunty Jackalope' Ubuntu goes into beta
Linux evaluation, adoption on uptick, study finds
Giving Linux That 'XP' Factor
Linux Foundation: Let's kill Microsoft's FAT
Most Visited Linux Websites
Pwn2Own hacker contest targets browsers, smart phones
To Linux or not to Linux?
Linux For Human Beings
Keeping those old PCs (or netbooks) moving along
Meta-cycles: 2-3 year major cycles for free software?
Mark Shuttleworth's Five Lessons on Organizational Change
Give your system a mid-life kicker
GNOME can rescue Ubuntu in netbook market
Hardware 2.0 'Very Best Kit List' for Mar/Apr 09
Is Mac still the safer bet?
Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream
The state of Linux - Is it ready for the "average" user?
Is Linux only for the poor?
The end of my love affair with Apple? 




Linux News October - December

15+ Ways to Make Your Linux Box Hip
The Fastest Way To Upgrade Ubuntu 810
Dear Microsoft, thanks for the help, Linux
IBM, Ubuntu, Novell and Red Hat gang up on Vista
Linux: The Joe Sixpack Strategy
Surviving the recession with Free Linux distributions (Part 1)
Surviving the recession with Free Enterprise OSes (Part 2)
10 things Linux does better than OS X
Are you sure you don't just want to use Ubuntu?
Linux to out ship Windows by next year ... maybe not!
Dell's Mini packs Ubuntu, XP; Vodafone to sellit
Ubuntu should not copy the Mac
Is Ubuntu getting bloated and slow?
Video: Picking a Linux distribution
If I knew openSUSE I'd see a Linux desktop
Desktop Unix: MacOS X and SUSE Linux
Analysts predict win for Linux in MID market
OK, now OpenOffice is definitely good enough
I really don't want to use Windows anymore
Do we all need 2 computers?
Firewall Management With Gufw On Ubuntu 8.04

Cloud Computing News (October - December 2008)

How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World

Extreme Cloud Computing!!! (See the link below)
It has always been my dream to compute in the air and now we have reached a significant mile stone. Now you can connect to your "Cloud" based, "Free" Linux operating system and applications from your corporate laptop in the clouds. Now you can work on your business plan, toggle between your corporate desktop session and your personal "Cloud" based desktop sessions without missing a beat. It is possible (TVW Group, One Step Ahead of the Game)

Virgin America's Wi-Fi in the sky
American Airlines (GoGo Inflight Internet Service)

Linux News July - September 2008

Introduction to Ubuntu Linux 8.04
First look at Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron beta: Ubuntu Rockin' Desktop (Can Your Windows XP Desktop Do This) Stick with TVWGroup and we will get you there.
UBUNTU 8.04 Desktop Effects
Optimize Ubuntu 8.04 for Speed - Speed up Hardy Heron!
Survey finds Ubuntu is the fastest-growing Linux distribution
Is Ubuntu becoming the generic Linux distro?
Ubuntu, Red Hat and Novell SUSE Linux jockey for position
If you're broke and need a decent computer, Ubuntu Linux may be for you
Ah Another Opportunity for Desktop Linux
Vista worries cause businesses to consider Macs and Linux
How long will it be before Linux is on your desktop (if it isn't already)?

Most Secure Operating System

Who Will Get Hacked First: Vista, OSX or Linux? Place Your Bets Here
"It appears that contestant Charlie Miller just earned himself $10,000 for hacking a Macbook Air inside two minutes"


Only Ubuntu left standing.... in Pwn2Own hacking contest

CanSecWest A laptop running a fully patched version of Microsoft's Vista operating system was the second and final machine to fall in a hacking contest that pitted the security of Windows, OS X and Ubuntu Linux. With both a Windows and Mac machine felled, only the Linux box remained standing following the three-day competition.

Gone in 2 minutes: Mac gets hacked first in contest
The future is bleak without XP
I'm sticking with Windows XP
20 great Windows open source projects you should get to know
No reprieve: XP phase-out begins June 30

Browser Wars

Is Internet Explorer the only browser? But wait, there is anotherFIREFOX
We did it! We set a Guinness World Record

Boradband and WiFi Corner

(If you didn't think that WiFi was all the rage check this out)

New group pushes broadband for all
San Francisco's BART in talks for full Wi-Fi rollout
The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District is negotiating with a startup for a Wi-Fi network that would provide fast Internet access to riders throughout its 104-mile (167 kilometers) regional rail system.
Starbucks can't handle demand for free Wi-Fi

Cool Tools

What is Twitter
Check out the twitter video too. Top 12 twitter tools

Small Business Corner

VistaPrint Launches Learning Center for Small Businesses

Website Builder